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Hello ! I’m Atibhi. I am a Software Engineer at Twitter. I’ve done internships at Morgan Stanley(2021), Grafana(2020), Google(2020), Hackerrank(2019) and Rails Girls Summer of Code(2018). I graduated with a dual degree (Bachelors and Masters) from IIIT-Bangalore. Welcome to my corner on the world wide web.

My interests lie in distributed systems, algorithms and open source. I care about building impactful, accessible and inclusive tech for everyone. I strongly believe in diversity and inclusion and am the founder of Lean-In Chapter, IIIT-B. I’ve also mentored folks in Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship program, Google Summer of Code, Outreachy, Girlsscript summer of code etc. .💜

If I am not coding, I can be found reading a book and browsing goodreads.I also have a diploma in Fine Arts and love painting. Checkout my instagram!

The best ways to get in touch with me are:

artbyatibhi on instagram

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