List of talks and their details.

My Open Source Journey

Getting started with and navigating the open-source tech scene can be intimidating. In this talk, Atibhi hopes others can utilize and learn from her experiences. She will talk about her FOSS journey, growing one’s technical skills, the challenges she faced and also how FOSS can help folks take their career to the next level.

Manhattan and Elasticsearch

Internal Tech Talk at Twitter for the IAM team where I talked about Twitter’s database Manhattan and Elasticsearch.

New matchers in Prometheus Alertmanager

In this lightning talk, I talk about the newly added matchers in Prometheus Alertmanager. The matchers were added for Silences and in the Alertmanager config for inhibition and routing. Apart from reducing the number of config options for inhibition and routing, these new matchers support negative matching and add consistency to the Silences UI. This talk compares the new style and old style matchers, as well as walks you through an example to show you how to use it.

Panel Discussion on Open Source

Answered questions on how to get started with Open Source, or how to crack Summer of Code programs like Google Summer of Code, Outreachy, etc.

Observability for beginners

Introduction to Jenkins

Introduced students to continouos integration and Jenkins as a part of Software Production Engineering course. I was the Teaching Assistant for the course.

All about SWE Internships

About hunting for internships while in college, preparing for interviews and networking.

Backfilling in Prometheus

About backfilling functionality in Prometheus, it’s design and implementation.

Casual chat with #include people.h

A candid conversation on life, college experiences, hobbies, etc.

HacktoberFest Event

About open source software, open source programs for college students, how to start contributing.

Getting started with open source

About open source software, open source programs for college students, how to start contributing.

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